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Impericare Honor Roll

These members are the ones with the highest level of benefit coverage available at Impericare. They are all living the good life.

Select a benefit type to see the honor roll list for that particular benefit.

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Impericare Health Care Honor Roll
1.BacrediImpericare ® Jedi25,000 ICs/mo
1.Beta40Impericare ® Jedi25,000 ICs/mo
1.DeepSixImpericare ® Jedi25,000 ICs/mo
1.JaphethImpericare ® Jedi25,000 ICs/mo
1.KadannImpericare ® Jedi25,000 ICs/mo
1.KnightWindImpericare ® Jedi25,000 ICs/mo
1.MatokImpericare ® Jedi25,000 ICs/mo
1.MoxImpericare ® Jedi25,000 ICs/mo
1.RiqimoImpericare ® Jedi25,000 ICs/mo
1.RocketmanImpericare ® Jedi25,000 ICs/mo
1.SerpentImpericare ® Jedi25,000 ICs/mo
1.StarFruitImpericare ® Jedi25,000 ICs/mo
13.FuryImpericare Elite12,500 ICs/mo
13.Garryll GatesImpericare Elite12,500 ICs/mo
13.Jen KnightImpericare Elite12,500 ICs/mo
16.BrightstarImpericare EPO3,750 ICs/mo
16.FES_RazikImpericare EPO3,750 ICs/mo
16.KairoImpericare EPO3,750 ICs/mo
16.NjallImpericare EPO3,750 ICs/mo
16.RizzitImpericare EPO3,750 ICs/mo
16.ScarecrowImpericare EPO3,750 ICs/mo
16.SkarrImpericare EPO3,750 ICs/mo
23.DezImpericare HMO1,250 ICs/mo
23.DrexhelImpericare HMO1,250 ICs/mo
23.FystonImpericare HMO1,250 ICs/mo

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